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What we do                                                                                                    A little history
With a flexible team of very skilled makers we make both men's, women's and children's costumes to order, for stage as well as screen. We specialise in historical costumes but are also very happy to work on modern and 'fantastic' looks and we always enjoy a challenge, whether it is a technical issue to accomodate special effects, or creating a new take on period costume. Between us we have decades of experience, and we always know someone who knows just the trick... So whether you are looking to hire two outfits for a small stage show, or want to make a large scale costume drama we are here to help.​
 Previous projects we have worked on include
Frankenstein Chronicles
The Dresser (knitwear)
The Crown
Rambert's Dark Arteries
Victoria series 1 and 2
The Living and the Dead
An Interlude in Prague
Storm in the Stars
Goodbye Christopher Robin
My Cousin Rachel
Peaky Blinders
Murder On the Orient Express
Howards End
The Darkest Hour (knitwear)
Hetty Feather
Humans Series 3
Little Drummer Girl
Phantom of The Opera (OSLO)
SIX the Musical
Come Away
1917 (knitwear)
Black Narcissus
War of the Worlds
We always aim to deliver the highest standards possible, and understand the pressures of budget and timing that must come into consideration when designing a show. We will work with you to achieve the look as a priority. We also make to hire which can significantly push down the costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.
Mariane Roesdahl arrived in London in 1993 with a degree in ladies' tailoring and a passion for making beautiful things. After 20 years of freelancing in both costume and fashion, setting up a studio to work with some of the talented people she has met over the years is a dream come true. Founded in 2014, Camden Costumes aims to draw together people with different specialities to be able to create a variety of interesting and exciting garments.  With an emphasis on craft and skill, being able to exchange ideas and techniques with professionals from different industries gives a unique flexibility in how we approach our work.
 Working with interns and employing graduates is an important part of what we do.  Passing on experience is an vital link to keeping alive the skills and techniques involved in making quality costumes. And we enjoy it too!